Monday, January 25, 2010

Have you learnt nothing?

Poor old Harman, forced to live life with a name that matches that of a brand. In these times you wouldn't think that any advertising agency would ever dare to steal a person's identity in the name of a campaign. You'd be wrong.

Carat asked nicely if they could have the facebook address for their client Harman, and when the rightful owner said no he found Facebook kicking him off for violating terms of service.

Now Carat have been a bit stupid here. They haven't been paying attention to the social world.

Facebook on the otherhand have been monumental cocks to agree to this. All you have is your users Facebook, if you treat them like shit (and let's face it it's not the first time) you will fade and die like every other site that thinks it can screw around with its lifeblood in the name of money.

Whoever made the decision to let this happen needs a bollocking of the biggest order.

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