Thursday, April 03, 2008

Client vs Creative

I was sad to find out the other day that one of the best toy ads of all time (that I wrote about briefly a while ago) was only ever shown about 5 times in the UK.

Apparently the client didn't like it as there were no images of children actually playing with the toy...
Such a wonderful ad, showing the huge possibilities of the product in a witty and engaging way; and the client killed it.

Happily its such a good ad that it is still remembered even though it was hardly seen at the time.


Age said...

That ad is awesome!!!

Charles Frith said...

Lovely product demonstration.

David Mortimer said...

What a waste. A bit like that Jack White Coke ad Mother did.

Lego ads must be great fun to work on, even if nothing gets made in the end.

Paul. said...

I'm pretty sure I remember it too.

Chris Gough said...

I remember it well. Thought it was brilliant. What a waste... and what short-sighted client.

brett macfarlane said...

What a fantastic spot.
While clients always retain the right to be irrational, it's tragic when they are simple minded in killing a great spot.

Hayes Thompson said...

I remember this. But you know what?

A. I still remember it, despite the fact it was pulled prematurely, so at least it saw light of day and was seen.

and B. I can tell you this: neither me nor my parents needed a Lego ad to persuade us to buy sackfuls of Lego. Did you?

Oh and nice to see the old Cold War vibe alive with the missile reference. Can't imagine you'd see that now. Bit like you don't see those massive slides in playgrounds anymore, either.

Tsk, bleeding Health & Safety.