Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Internet vs Fluffy Jumpers

There is so much talk at the moment about 'the cloud', using online storage and utilising it for our benefit.

This got me thinking... The internet has become this all purpose location where all various aspects of your life are stored.

A place where your friends, activities, thoughts, actions and interests intertwine and tangle up on a daily basis.

It feels like the'internet' is such an old style name for a modern thing. Like looking at the millions of things your desktop can do, and still calling it a 'computer'. A name that even predates the warehouse sized leviathons of the 1940s.

'The internet' (or 'Teh Interwebz') implies linked networks and computers in a way that no longer happens.

I want to start a campaign to change the name to something more appropriate. A name that describes the intertwined nature of our online prescence.

The Beard

Or, more specifically.

Noel Edmunds' Beard

Think about it: "I'm browsing the Edmunds" "Surfing the NEB"... what's not to like?


Charles Edward Frith said...

Slow news day?

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

More a silly news day...

Charles Edward Frith said...

Take a look at this video. Tell me what you think.

Worth bearing in mind the 2012 olympics zion logo thing.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

The problem for me is there is too much chance of coincidence to really start seeing a link.

Be interested to know your views though.