Tuesday, April 15, 2008

But Why Sir?

The latest Budweiser ad was passed round the office yesterday:

The ad itself is alright I guess. I like the tie up between musicians and dedication, though I don't really feel that dedication is put across in any seriously meaningful way.

However, some people were still humming Popcorn today. While its always been a catchy tune, I suspect it might creep up on a few people again.

It does feel like its being hyped up because it's a Fallon ad though, I wonder how long before it goes to their heads...

Also, it does remind me of:


Cynical Rob said...

And obviously the VB one is MILES better ;)

I don't like this Fallon ad, but then I don't like anything where the main reason for remembering an ad is the soundtrack.

I'm a stupid purist aren't I!

Charles Frith said...

The computer keyboard doesn't convey properly what I 'FEEL' when I see this ad. Its not just the music either although I think its a good move to have something that sticks out. Like I said on the VISA ad that Saatchis did recently and which was in no way a famous track.

I'll save the blah blah till I meet Rob but there is something lovely and freestyle about jamming that I would have thought you might like being a guitar player.

Being a purist is important and I think your view on ads is one I respect more than most but in this instance I feel that the context is right for an execution such as this.

Charles Frith said...

I think Gareth highlights why we need to embrace changing times quite well over at his.


Cynical Rob said...

I know what you're saying Charles and the reaction I posted was my immediate gut feel from the first viewing however I still don't like it that much, it just feels like another typical American beer ad to me, albeit abit more quirky.

I absolutely appreciate the power of jamming but what they're doing in this ad isn't that, it's playing a song.

I don't know if you were implying otherwise so if you weren't, just tell me to shut up, but jamming is free form - it's where people bounce off eachother with no fixed direction or plan.

They're no more jamming than Vanilla Ice was when he used "Under Pressure" on his one hit wonder.

As for the "I don't like anything where the main reason for remembering an ad is the soundtrack" ... I don't, I obviously appreciate it's power but I just feel too often it is a starting point for creatives rather than a mood enhancer.

Of course I'm an old fuck so I'm no doubt out-of-date with the views of the World, but a strategic goal to get people 'humming' just makes me feel abit ill, though naturally I'll be a hypocrite because I remember every tune Levi's 501's used in the UK and that SONY Minidisc basically launched the career of Reef.

Why don't I just shut up, haha!

john dodds said...

Jamming like this Charles?


Rob Mortimer said...

The first song I put on my minidisc was Chinese BUrn by Curve, after the ad that made me go "Oooh Minidisc!"