Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Inspiration Part IV

Nice thought, but 'inspired' too much, or a good reference?
Your thoughts...


Anonymous said...

yeah I saw this on tv last night and immediately thought of OK Go - they use the exact same moves so it's obviously intended as a direct reference.

I think it's great! If you know the vid, it makes you feel good that you're 'in the know' - and it's a funny spin-off. If you don't know the vid, it's a good ad regardless (probably get more creative credit from those people!). And even OK Go will probably get a boost in YouTube views. Happiness all round :-)

Anonymous said...

Utter PR-spin-cobblers. It is simply a rip-off of an original idea by very, very lazy ad execs.
I particularly 'like' the fallacious logic akin to, "if I sell this fake Mona Lisa to people on its artistic merits because they are unaware of the original, then that's Ok! Isn't it?"

nikoherzeg said...

a bit easy for me. whenever these days you get caught, throw up the transmedia planning defense; if u recognize something 'yeah great, that the way we planned it', and u don't recognize it then the agency get away.

anything for a buck, I guess

Age said...

Sorry, but if i was the creative director of that agency and a team presented that concept to me I would rage up.

I'm fucking sick of lazy ad shit like this. Absolutely brain dead! The product benefits of Berocca make it extremely fertile for creatives - feel shit > pop pill > feel better. How hard must it be to have some original thought to show this? Why borrow so blatantly? CMON!!

This is the 2nd ad i've seen which rips off this same music video and it makes me angry.

But then again, only people that work in advertising give a shit about advertising... so it'll probably work and good luck to them.


SchizoFishNChimps said...

I was mightily pissed off when I saw this ad. Farty ad execs nicking stuff from YouTube... it's like your 42 year-old uncle trying to get with the homies by wearing trendy shit, like.

Anonymous said...

I would say that is a good old-fashioned ripoff. It's always nice to be inspired and poke fun at something but this is simply stealing an idea. An idea that's already been used