Thursday, April 09, 2009

Social Media Theory No 1

State THEORY - Still thinking through it...

Social Media is not straight response, it is a creative world.

If you want to fuel social media, treat your ad/campaign as if it were a brief to creatives. Provide inspiration but don't be too rigid on where they can go.


Anonymous said...

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niko said...

small point to perhaps think about. eliminate the words social or ad/campaign from the theory.

mixing commercial with social does not really work.

stuff is either social, or commercial, me thinks. perhaps in couple of years this will be diff.

so be commercial and u can be creative, coocky and fun. or be social and don't sell at the same time. even tupperware gives u food first.

and by talking about an ad, it will mean somebody has to pay, so they will want an ROI. which in term will make the thing fail.

just talking from potential (perhaps bit simplistic) client side p.o.v.

Andrew Robinson said...

I think an element that's missing is dialogue. Social media enables two way conversation. There has to be interaction with people, not just reaction from them. It's not as simple as giving them a brief (the tools) to go off and do stuff with your brand/campaign. You have to be there to shape the narrative, respond to the comments and generally be social. Imagine being invited to a part to find that the host hasn't bothered to turn up. That's a big danger with social media - brands need to make the investment to be at the party.

I touch on this a bit on my blog here, here and here.

Authority Networker said...

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