Friday, April 24, 2009


A while ago I mentioned the build up to the new Renault ad with Eric Cantona. I hoped it would be the start of some good work for Renault, and remind us why even those of us who hated (at the time) Man Utd liked the Frenchman.

Well after that I never saw or heard a peep about the actual ad.

Which given the nature of it is hardly surprising. It looks pretty dull, and is effectively a feature list.

I don't think it is the best use of Monsiour Cantona, but he does make it work. The exaggeration of the selling just about comes through, and the play on his personality is pretty nice.

Nothing amazing, but its a damn site better than what Renault have done recently. I hope they keep improving though, as this only worked because of good casting.


Jam said...

Cantona makes the ad... I just wish the ad would make more of him.

peggy said...

hello again. i m writing this in a box. again ;)
anyway... the ad... i personally cannot stand any literal 'efficiency' claims any longer. just the word alone bores the crap out of me. maybe this is why i find the whole thing boring.

themadcatholic said...

Could have done with a simpler script.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Jam: Indeed

Peggy: Buzzwords never die, they just get ignored...

TMC: Yes, it certainly could, as Jam says; Cantona makes it work, but it doesn't make the best of him.

Robert said...

Maybe the reason Cantona stood out is because the rest of the footballers out there are about as interesting as magnolia paint.

Just like Mr Branson owes some of his success to having some charisma in a sea of grey suits ... Cantona owes much of his charm to a World inhabited by Neil Lennon's so advertisers get fooled into thinking he's charismatic when he's just charismatic compared to his World of bland. Who would buy a Renault car.


john p woods said...

"Just one finger" to this ad. I preferred le king on the Eurostar: