Wednesday, April 08, 2009

and then this

Following on from Birds Eye and their odd Salmon fetish, we have a new car ad struggling so very hard to be sexy and failing totally.

"I'm looking for something kinda Drive sexy"
"We have a Peugeot 308 in your size"
"Fact me"

I see how that might be funny, but the actors look like they have been plucked Gillette style for their looks not their abilities. Which spoils the whole ad completely, it sacrifices the potential humour for sexiness, but fails to actually make it work.

What's still remarkable to me is just how little advertising has actually changed when it comes to gender and sex; sadly this ad forgets that small Peugeots aren't really sexy. (Except the Pinifarina designed ones...205, 406 coupe)


eleenyc said...

Who is this trying to reach? Why are they about to sleep with each other?

Rob Mortimer said...

People who want a sexy car. But I don't think a small Peugeot sold by a creepy guy is going to do that!