Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Opinions Please - Next Generation Talent

Panasonic are holding their Next Generation Talent contest for young creatives for the second year, and I have been asked to help out with the judging by both giving my own thoughts and (if I liked to, and I did)asking for your esteemed comments.

The winning team get an ad spot on TV, and a placement at one of Panasonic's creative agencies (plus a load of electronic gear!); so it's a great thing for a young creative to win. Hence I'd like to help pick the right winner!

The (very loose) brief was to create an ad for the G10 Viera TV with Freesat and HD hub. It should be based around (But doesn't have to include) the strapline Everything Matters.

The final four are below, please leave your comments!

Romaine Reid

Paul Bryan

David Childs - Clarke

Stefan Harrison


Adam said...

I'd say the second one down by Paul Bryan was my favourite. Some of the others we're more based around post production effects rather than a creative idea.

AdLand Suit said...

Don't think me uncharitable, but meh. Second one down is my favourite, largely because the music is ace (the music on the fourth one is genuinely appalling), and the production values are impressive across the board, but I'm largely uninspired. Then, having said that, all of them are better than anything Fallon have done this year.

Paul H. Colman said...

I wouldn't mind seeing some of the ones who didn't make the shortlist.


Anonymous said...

I think Paul Bryan's is the most creative. It's a unique concept and retains the viewers attention.


foxx said...

I think Paul Bryans is the best one by far (the second one down), the others seem cheap, not as well put together. It flows well and i agree with Chris that it retains the viewers attention.

Danielle said...

Oh yes most definitely the second one down, it seems really professional, the others are weak and not as unique in comparison, I also had a look at his website, got a lot of great stuff on there, he looks sexy as well, that's a good enough reason for him to win anything!

Danielle said...

Oh I forgot to put the link in for you guys!


good luck!

Nickname unavailable said...

what the hell is that last one. oh dear. 1st two are good.

hannah wysoki said...

the 2nd is the best by far definetly the most original concept, the 1st is slick enough for an advert but has been done to many times before. paul bryans entry deserves to win hands down.

briony donnachie said...

Paul Bryan's is v clever and the best one.