Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Zoom Bloody Zoom

Im sure anyone who sees car ads on tv will remember just how irritating it was when you first saw Mazda's Zoom Zoom ads.

Well, if that affected you look away now, because things are about to get worse.

The new Mazda 2 ad is possibly the most soul destroying, brand sapping, cliche'd, youth pandering, contrived piece of shit I have ever seen.

Its the 2007 equivalent of Pans People dancing badly in leotards around a Vauxhall Nova. Its 2 parts rubbish dancing, 1 part gymnastics, 5 parts terrible writing, 6 part terrible planning, and 25 parts bad production.

Oh and don't forget possibly the worst tagline of the 21st century. "It's Fit".


Did I just hear that right?

Yep. Its Fit apparently.

Ok, so its clearly aiming at the 17 year old fresh driver market, but please please Mazda/JWT , credit them with a modicum of brain ability. Just because you say "It's Fit" in retro faux ironic fashion doesn't mean they will suddenly upend everything to get one. We are back to ads saying "This is way cool dudes."

And that sadly ruins an entire brand from being in my consideration list when I buy a car.

Oh dear.


gemma said...

The 60 sec cinema version (on youtube) ends with 'fitness comes as standard'...

It actually could have been a really nice 'joy of driving, freedom of first car, self expression' type thing, but maybe that somehow got lost in the wash.

Rob Mortimer said...

fitness comes as standard is much less worse a tagline!

There is a lot of potential in the idea of relating nimble handling and driving experience to the idea of fitness and the first car freedom idea you mentioned...but this squanders it all.

David Mortimer said...

So what car will you be getting?

Rob Mortimer said...

Prob a VW Polo for the first year. Then im not sure...

np said...

Oh dear.
It's even worse than the the vampire's one.
You can just see a nice 'fit' proposition, great scripys on cars with bit more drive, bit more energy and staying power.....and then crash. It's the 'Zoom zoom' brand.

FishNChimps said...

It's not a million miles from "Hey Tosh, got a Toshiba?"


Kurre said...

Here's a link to the 60" version:
And the "Making Of" film:

kurre said...

Just a quick comment on the tagline; as this advert was done for a pan-European client, the individual national markets (for instance the UK) are allowed to make what they deem to be relevant or necessary adjustments to the specific elements of the concept, such as taglines, film cuts, etc.
The tagline "It's fit" is unique for the UK. In Italy it's "Essere al 100%" and in Germany it's "Fitness serienmäßig", which BTW is more aligned with the original creative concept "Fitness comes as standard".

Rob Mortimer said...

I see, thanks for that info; hopefully that means you weren't in any way responsible for the tagline "It's Fit"!

That original concept is much better!