Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glass and a Half Empty

Sometimes there are ads that are just plain bad. Work that makes you want to tear your hair out (or whats left of it if you are a planner...) like Go Compare, DFS, etc. That's just life in advertising.

What's more disappointing for me is when a good campaign loses its way, and sadly that feels like the case with the new Cadbury's Dairy Milk ad from Fallon.

While 'Charmer' keeps the trademark decent soundtrack, this ad feels like it shouldn't be judged against Gorilla and Eyebrows. Where they were about branded content, conveying a mood and a feeling; this is a product ad plain and simple. You can almost hear a client shouting "more product" like Father Jack at a wet t-shirt contest... "That's it, more chocolate, more milk, more chocolate, muah ha ha ha!"

The poster campaign for UK advertising as branded content has gone back to the old ways. A shame, but I hope they will return to the new (so the speak).

That said, judged as a product ad it does the job. 60 seconds is too long for an idea that can be more than explained in 30, but it's a nice enough way of getting the point across; and it does make the product look good.

I guess the view on this ad depends how you base it: A decent product ad vs a rubbish follow up to those that went before it.



Very good your blog!

Charles Frith said...

It's Cheese.

Anonymous said...

I like it. Agree it shouldn't be judged agains gorilla, but to be honest that campaign was in danger of getting tired. Is there anything wrong with doing a product ad within that campaign to remind CONSUMERS of what they're buying? Don't think so personally.I know lots of people that like gorilla etc but have no fucking idea what it has to do with chocolate and therefore may well not buy the products. At least this 'product ad' is done in a fun cadbury way that's really watchable. And at least that 'product' is chocolate and not something dull like a car exhaust.