Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Boom Closet - Sample Scene

We open on the Marcus Brown Senior School hallway. Sam and Will are dressed in their janitors clothes and sweeping the floor.

Sam "It's pretty quiet in here today. Did we accidently come in on Bank Holiday Monday?"
Will "Not that I know of, though I've lost track of time zones recently"
Sam "It wasn't me who accepted the job in Honolulu"
Will "Yes, because you complained so viciously. (mocking voice) I don't wanna go to Hawaii. I wanna stay in the cold. I love Brighton. Excetera."
Sam "Because we spent so much time basking in the sun didn't we. Chase the stupid henchman, hide the gold jewellery, rescue Doug from the clutches of evil. What a waste of my flouncy shirt investment."
Will "Oh please"

Suddenly a gust of wind blows past, knocking Will over and covering the floor in paper.

Will "Oh bloody hell. Now look."
Sam "Wait, what's that note?"

Sam goes over to a piece of paper folded neatly by the door. He opens it.

Sam reads "I have captured Doug. He is being held captive in Breiten University campus in Dusseldorf. Turn up alone by 1900 hours or he will be eliminated. Love and kisses, the Kaiser. ... PS. That's 1900 german time, not filthy GMT time."
Will "Holy jerk sauce Sam. We better get over there."
Sam sighs loudly "I suppose so"
Will picks up his broomstick and clambers on
Sam "Very Harry Potter Will, where did you get that?!"
Will "It was advertised in the latest edition of Super Hero Janitor monthly. Did you not see it?"
Sam "Will, that's a Toys R Us catalogue."
Will "Oh. I wondered why I was still here."
Sam sighs
Sam "Come on..."
Sam drags Will out of the door.

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