Friday, April 23, 2010

Always a Woman

If you would like an example of how to make great traditional advertising, look no further than the latest John Lewis ad from Adam and Eve.

You have a well defined and well realised target audience. A nicely thought out idea. Well written creative. A client who understands advertising. A good production budget and good direction.

Spot on.

John Lewis - Never Knowingly Undersold



Robert said...

Very nicely done but as it's something I've seen many times [probably best example being the old SONY television spot] I think it owes more to the music than anything else ... but that could be because the last time I went to John Lewis, they treated me like a piece of shit and didn't give me service for something that was about 3 hours old, let alone years.

sarah said...

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Promotional Products said...

Great video. @Robert- i love the sony commercial you threw out there. Awesome.