Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I Don't Speak French

I know it's a couple of weeks old now (hey, I've been busy!) but the new Renault Megane campaign is easily the best thing the brand has done since the days of Papa and Nicole.

The TV ad sets up the scenario, and the full video and site that await online are excellent.

It draws you in, taking elements of Borat and fusing it with both boring English culture and our perceptions of French culture. A funny, engaging, story that you can get absorbed in for the entire 12 minutes. The casting is perfect, the setting is perfect, the setups are well done at all times: "Menton has lots of seafood restaurants, Gisburn has one fish van, and only on Thursdays."

Let's face it, in an age where we are lucky to get a minute of someone's time. To get 12 is asking a lot, but this ad will get it from many people. It was so good I put it on for most of our agency at a creative showcase; they loved it.

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