Monday, October 10, 2011

If We Churn Churn ... Churn Churn Churn

The new Yeo Valley ad is just brilliant. Who would have thought they could top comedy farmers rapping? Well they have.

Everyone knows the boyband cliche's, but they are done superbly here; mocking in a loving way the poses and styles (even harmonies) of these kind of groups.

The idea of singing farmers is strong, and the branding is nicely either underplayed or part of the humour so it doesn't feel like you are being shouted at.

When we talk about better engagement, being bold and building emotional connections, this is the kind of thing we mean.


toto said...

how clever. Girls, eat yoghurt and you might get this kind of a gentle man.

Judith said...

Very funny. Thanks for sharing this vid. :D

Marky said...

Love how the ad seems to satirize the increasing trend of product placement. I think it speaks as a critique to the way that advertisers are increasingly looking for new "murky" ways of advertising in a world where self-proclaimed "advertising resistant" consumers are more common.