Monday, May 01, 2006

Something to learn

Having just got back from a 2 day music festival, I noticed something that has become increasingly prevalent in the clothing market: artist owned clothing labels.

Now whilst the 50 cent range of clothing seems to sell fairly well, im talking about labels such as (and specifically) Atticus, started by a member of Blink 182. This label seems to keep growing and growing in terms of design, availability and popularity.

So what is the lesson here?

This brand is being happily bought by and worn by 16-30 year olds who (very often) are anti big brands or corporations. People who won't buy Nike and hate McDonalds, people who are very often Vegetarian or Vegan. They have strong views, yet these brands have something that appeals to them.

I believe its two things:

1. Credibility
2. Ethics

These labels are run by and often advertised by members of bands that have a lot of credibility with the target audience. The kids and young adults buying them respect those people, and very often the causes and ideals they stand for. This is translating into a lack of usual cynicism with these brands.

The ethics are very important for this set of people, and the backing of credible people, as well as a seemingly anti-corporate image is selling clothing at a very corporate rate.

Maybe the point is, ethics and credibility can pay off. Its been seen before, for every Walls there is a Ben and Jerry's. Being a responsible company doesn't have to mean losing money, and by being more responsible and appearing (at least) more trustworthy; maybe new markets will be opened up.

It was a tired thought at 11pm after 9 hours in Earls Court, but I think the point is there or thereabouts. Id love to know any thoughts on this...

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