Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Samsung HD TV

Oh dear, where do we start with this one.
The idea is "You get world cup tickets, can't decide who to take so you watch it on your amazing tv". A simple idea, but it has scope for a good ad.

Except this isnt a good ad.

Things start off badly with them calling the tickets "Cup final", which loses any sense of passion gained by the tickets supposed value.

It then proceeds with an AWFUL voiceover. Its tacky, badly written, detracts hugely from the idea and worst of all, sounds so astonishly patronising that it doesnt just make you want to ignore the message, or ignore the ad, its downright insulting. This isnt advertising for 5 year old kids who can't understand an basic concept of storytelling, its for adults with jobs, brains, disposable income; what the hell were they thinking?!

Why do so many ads (Microsoft) feel the need to use a voiceover to describe what is going on. Its not like people cant figure it out for themselves if it was better produced and directed. And if you MUST use a rubbish voiceover, at least edit and trim the copy so that it doesnt sound like a 17 year old salesperson reading a bad script. Treat the consumer as intelligent and they will appreciate it... I forget who said it, but its very true.

People aren't stupid. When will some agencies learn? Hasnt W+K taught you ANYTHING yet?!

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