Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Religious Yakult

I'm not usually one to post about Wieden and Kennedy ads (as everybody knows I love pretty much all of the work they have done recently)... but listening to their series of radio ads for Yakult made me want to write something.

Personality. W+K have given Yakult personality, in a market full of "health benefits" advertising. It stands out a mile, and gives the product so much more voice against the typical Benecol/Activia types.

People are sick of being told "you need to eat well" "you need to excerise" etc. So to have a healthy product that doesnt try to bombard you with health messages is so so refreshing.

Its similar to Innocent (who have probably the best (and most reliably executed) brand personality in existence) in many ways, but not in the rip off vain that many brands are going for now.

As someone who drinks Yakult most mornings, its nice to feel that odd sense of attachment to the values and attitude of a brand. "What on earth is that tiny bottle?" I get asked, and it's quite unusual to smile and reply to that kind of question... "Yakult!"


Why are the UK bottles smaller, more expensive and not quiiiite as nice as in Hong Kong?!


Rob@Cynic said...

Another example of how a brand that represents a 'philosophy' [rather than just 'functional benefits'] will win out in a World saturated with parity products, distribution and communication.

Rob Mortimer said...

Its something that W+K seem to be exceptionally good at.

Rob@Cynic said...

I still find it amazing that the majoirity of smaller agencies get the 'power of personality' - yet the bigger agencies [with clients who are obsessed with building consumer loyalty], don't