Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sony Bravia Ad - Balls Music

I mentioned to a couple of people that the track in the bouncing balls ad (Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats), is actually a cover of a 2004 track by The Knife. They had no idea, and they especially had no idea just how different the two versions are.

In case you havent heard it, here it is thanks to the wonders of you tube:

I like this version a lot, but at the same time the cover seems even better now I know where it came from.


jamesb said...

complete with coloured balls. the sony ad now looks somewhat derivative...

oh, and a pic of you Rob. Pre pr post mach 3?

Rob Mortimer said...

Its interesting to note the similarities; especially considerin g the song link!

Oh and er, thanks! I think cameras hate me, they always seem to make me look strange!