Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I am Robot Hear me Roar

Ah Sony. Once my favourite consumer electronics brand, now in a seemingly large doldrum.
Nice to know that they appear to be back on the right track in Asia at least.

Lovely idea, wonderful message, and nicely produced.
The idea of electronics not being seperate pieces of metal, but actually being devices through which we capture and find our own humanity is quite profound but entirely accurate.

As I can profess from the amount of time my walkman/minidiscs/ipods caused impromptu and embarassing dancing on the bus, and from my love of photography and film. Electronics do make us human. Its a wonderful insight, and I hope the ads continue as good as this.

Find out more about the praise this ad (his brand work) is rightly getting at Rob Campbells blog


Anonymous said...

You are too kind - thanks so much. It's a starting point - but my god, there is so much to do!

Anonymous said...

Its a good ad, but I really really like the thinking behind it, especially as someone who very much gets their humanity from music/film/photos etc.

The product shots are a little unsubtle...but we cant have everything now!

Anonymous said...

Ha ... guess the bits the clients like the most!

Stanley Johnson said...

Sony in a seemingly large doldrum. More a period of transition surely?

When I was young the Sony Triniton was the best TV you could buy. Sony have since reclaimed this mantle with the introduction of the Bravia.

Walkman revolutionised music. Sadly Sony have lost this crown to Apple. Will they ever reclaim it? The only way they will, I think, is via the partnership with Ericsson.

Playstation reinvented gaming. It killed off Sega. Xbox has challenged but Playstation is still king.

Given each of these three markets are quite different I wouldn't be surprised if research showed that Sony have strong brand equity in each of the markets. As an overarching brand however this may not be the case.

Just a thought...Stan

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

I would say it is still a doldrum. Bravia was their first big step in the right direction since the PS2 launched.

They were caught so late by the LCD/Plasma boom that it really damaged them, but Bravia has put them back in the game so to speak.

Sony did two things wrong with the music players, they were too late (again), and they insisted on that useless ATRAC format. This meant that people didnt know what formats they could or could not use on it.

To be honest, Sega didnt help themselves. But Sony did kick them while they were down. The thing is, without Playstation, Sony would have been in even bigger trouble. Lets hope that the patchy outlook for PS3 is matchd by a resurgence of the good parts of Sony that I (as a long time Sony product supporter; when I worked in an electrical shop I always preferred selling them because you knew people would feel they got a good product) for one have really missed.

I agree about Sony's overall equity, and that will be the factor that gives them the breathing space to turn it around and regain their place as king of quality.