Friday, November 17, 2006

Id Rather Have a Bowl of Shredded Wheat

So apparently Ofcom is going to ban the advertising of junk food in programmes aimed at under 16s. Not an entirely unwelcome move, but I wonder how much of an influence the government had in this decision.

I also wonder how this could affect agencies, specifically when budgeting for "junk food" or otherwise less than healthy food aimed at kids. Could this mean the end of Coco Pops ads (yay!) or Frosties ads(boo!), or will it just make them less common?

The BIG issue for me is just what difference this will actually make. Its not like kids buy the weekly shop. Ok, its designed to minimise 'pester power'; but I suspect it wont actually have that much of an effect if the parents still see the ads. (Its not like kids dont watch programmes for older people either!)

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