Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What if...

Disclaimer: This is NOT what I believe, this is not some argument, this is simply a question about a random theory that external pieces of work made me think about. Please do not take this as anything other than a question with no real answer.

Watching a tv show the other day about the environment, I was struck by the message that the human race is killing itself by wrecking the world around us. This was further impacted by a rather rash statement from an MP saving the world by not having kids.

But what if...

What if not having kids was a way of saving the world, and by definition the human race.

What if homosexuality is actually a natural evolutionary way of slowing the growth of the population. (Please please note: I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it. Its a chemical reaction the same as hetrosexual love).

What if god/nature created homosexuality as a way to save the planet (and by condemning it, religions were actually helping destroy what they believe god created).

Difficult questions. But ones worth thinkng about.

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