Friday, December 22, 2006

Tag's for the Memories

Uh oh. Ive been tagged by Northern Planner!

I therefore have to write 5 things that you probably don't know about me:

1. The two things i've always wanted to do in life are music and advertising. In fact, when I was about 7, I wrote that I wanted to be a Rock Star on a piece of work we did in class. The teacher (Mr Hughes, who was the coolest teacher ever) went and got an electric guitar, amp, and set it up for me to play in class. Unfortunately I didnt actually know how to play (I was 7!) and strummed what must have been one HELL of a racket. Sorry everyone else who heard it.

2. I'm not actually that bad at cooking, despite having been a student. I can rustle up some tasty dishes. Though I did burn my hands aged 9 because I went to take something out of the oven and pulled my hand away as it was so hot... and as i pulled away my hand came out the glove... ow.

3. Once my mate and I were messing about before a gcse exam and for some reason i got sprayed in the head with deep heat... the whole exam i smelt (nay stank)like an injured athlete. Im sure people wondered what on earth it was.

4. Im quite an Otaku. I like a lot of geeky things, particulary computers/consoles. I generally like anything creative (design, architecture, typography, art) , and the mix of creativity, interaction and fun is something that captures my imagination. Hence me lining up on day one to get a Nintendo Wii (which is amazing if you havent got one.).

5. I am also an extreme muso, I love music, I write/play/perform/record it. My ipod has music of all types, from death metal to synth pop to punk to hip hop. My taste seems almost random, i'll find songs I love from bands hate. For example: Whilst I am in no way an abba fan, I think Super Trooper is a fantastic song, the harmonies are clever, the bass line is amazing, and the words are deceptively dark. Also, I can't stand Oasis, even though their debut album was so full of potential which they went on to blow.
My electronic stuff is here:, and I plan to gig again next year. I was once in short lived, dive playing, but very decent Chesterfield band Subverse.
Now... The five people I want to tag (if they have not already been tagged, everyone seems to have been by now) are:
1. James (Technogoggles)
5. Andy @ Cynic (He has a blog, but I do not know its URL. Rob, can you please ask him to do so and ill link to it. Maybe he can use the planningbastards one I mentioned...!)


Anonymous said...

I hope you know I am breaking a strict computer/email/blog curfew responding to this - but I just thought I'd let you know that I WILL get Andy to answer your 'tag' as soon as he comes back from his latest bloody luxury holiday!

Hope you had/having a great time.


Anonymous said...


Had a great time, hope you are doing well.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Just to show how incestuous this little blogging circle is becoming, I have already been tagged twice and, in a vain act of self-flagellation, opted to divulge 10 facts. I don't think that even I am interesting enough to stretch to 15!
Have a prosperous 2007

Anonymous said...

Does Mrs Rob have to force you off the Wii and into the kitchen these days? I'm a fussy cook and wouldn't move anywhere with a crap kitchen

Anonymous said...

Its not incestuous though, as it does expand fivefold every time!

Have a good year!

Surprisingly not. I dont have time to be on it as much as id like at the moment. And if I dont eat, how will I have the energy to throw giant cows at evil rabbits? (Rayman Raving Rabbids)

Luckily our new kitchen is really nice :D