Sunday, January 28, 2007

Toyota Yaris - Respect

Lets start with stating very very clearly that this is better than the BIGsmall campaign.

To sum it up; woman crashes boyfriends model plane because he shut the car door with his feet. 'Show the car some respect'.

Its a nice idea, its not overly complex and it doesnt feel like its been used a hundred times before (as so many car ad ideas have). It has potential for a long running series of executions, and is pretty funny.

A nice start to the year for Toyota. Nothing spectacular, but a solid ad with potential for more.


SchizoFishNChimps said...

I loathed the whole BigSmall idea. Damned lazy. But yes, the new campaign is better. Am looking forward to the new TV spot previewed in Campaign , called Paintball

Anonymous said...

Yep, very nice. Same potential is 'a car to be proud of' - just a nudge in the direction has thrown up all sorts of new possibilities. Lovely.
BUT - is there really nothing to say about the car apart from the owners like it? And does it matter?

Anonymous said...

FnC - Sound interesting, paintball reallllly hurts; so could be quite amusing.

Bigsmall sounded like a bad pitch more than an ad. It was so badly written.

NP - Thats a good question. Its an nice change on the old concept though.

Anonymous said...

Ask before you borrow it?
It didnt seem like such a fresh idea to me but the test of these things is how many good ads you can get out of them i suppose. We shall see. Women getting one over on men again, which can be funny. The girls i watched it with on Sunday think its brilliant.

Anonymous said...

It makes a change to see women getting one over on men in a non-patronising way. Most ads I see aimed at women seem to do more to insult them than persuade them.

The Kaiser said...

where is the suasage post?

Marc Pannenberg said...

Looks like everyone likes it. Maybe I'm to literal minded but the order in which the incidents are depicted is confusing and just make those women look incredibly petty and spiteful. Personally, I hate it.