Sunday, December 24, 2006


So. Its nearly Christmas day. Time for the ad pit to have it short holiday break.
I will resume posting just after new year, and will be checking for comment regularly.

Andrew - The Band a Week WILL be up and running again once my new house has the internet.
But until then:

Also, the great Battant I mentioned on that blog are playing Sheffield on Feb 6th, if you are about hope you (and some other MBH folk) can make it. They are well worth seeing.

I planned a Xmas ad review, but campaign (where I was recently mentioned, thanks Russell!) did a good one, so there isnt much more I can say there.

Except. One ad must be commented upon:

Gillette Fusion - "Dad" Present ad.

Oh dear god. Bad dubbing, cheesy acting, dull present theme, etc etc etc. Its an ad that is so poorly made that Just For Men would reject it for being too tacky. Come on Gillette, you make good products; why not try some decent ads for once?!

Merry Xmas!


Anonymous said...

Most abysmal campaign of 2006. Dad's do not want son's telling them what to do, espescially something masculine as shaving.

I don't believe your internet excuse by the way, just admit that the Wii has become fused to your arm and have done..

Anonymous said...

Its not just the bad idea though.


A Bad idea
Bad Planning
Bad Writing
Bad Acting
Bad Direction
Bad Dubbing

Its quite frankly shocking even by Gilette's terrible ad standards.

Coke Zero, you may have had a lucky escape...

BUT. I could go online WITH the Wii if I was connected at home.

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about technology - exposed again.