Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ad Pit Review of the Year Part 1

2006 was a funny year, we had some amazing campaigns and some truly shocking ones. Part one of my review of 2006 features the worst ads or campaigns to emerge this year.

It was extremely difficult to narrow the bad campaigns down to a final 5, but I somehow managed it. If there were any worse ones Ive forgotten or missed, then lucky you!

5. Samsung TV - Football Finals

Oh dear god. A world cup ad that manages not only to lack any excitement of the event. Its also fails to connect with its target audience, has terrible writing and an awful premise. Such a big quality company, they should be doing so much better.

4. Bulmers Cider

I can imagine the office meeting:

"Jeez boss, Magners is outselling us something rotten."
'Can we cash in by poorly ripping off their image?'
"Consider it done."

3. Coke Zero


Not to mention the print ads, outdated stereotypes and bad writing ahoy. Only number three because the product sold, saved by some wonderful packaging design.

2. Gillette Fusion Xmas Dad

Just truly awful. I cannot honestly believe that a respectable member of any ad agency could watch this and say "This is what I think you should go with". I try to be more considered and objective about ads, but this is absolutely bloody awful. Avoiding number one only because...

1. Helplink Heating

On local radio every hour. Some of them arent totally bad, but there is one specific reason why its my worst campaign of 2006. Bad wobbly shaky planning and a total contradiction of positioning; alongside some horrible push sales strategy.

A typical ad goes like this:

*Ominous music*
"If you dont buy a new central heating system you are going to freeze and die lonely with no friends this winter"

*cheerful music*
"We are your friends, come buy from us, no pressure or hassle!"

(Buy or die you stupid bastards)

ARGH. I thought that type of pressure bullshit died out years ago, nothing like local agencies for reminding you why they are still local.


Northern Planner said...

The Samsung campaign in all it's guides is quite possibly the most appaling thing I've seen in quite a long time. Obviously pan european, it's travels as well Tetley Bitter (which doesn't taste anything like south of Leicester)

Rob said...

It travels even worse than the shaver ads with the comically poor dubbing.

Im struggling to think why its only number 5 at the moment...

Northern Planner said...

Because you're too nice. despite what other Rob may think rightr now

Northern Planner said...

...and they're re-running Coke bloody Zero!!!!!!!!


M450 said...

Bulmers and Magners are the same company!!!!!! They're C&C Ireland... so they have the same ads jus change d name when outside ireland, bulmers at home, magners abroad!! and i quite like their ads, or at least d songs in every one...