Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hook Line and Sinker

Well, after a flurry of publicity it turns out that the latest anti-smoking ads are actually pretty good.

Although (annoyingly) I can find no videos of them anywhere, they feature people in ordinary situations being dragged off on a fishing hook to go and have a cig.

Its not subtle, but its extremely accurate; and it really gets across the issue of addiction without being patronising. Rather like the good Nicorette (i think) ads which show people who end up going for fags in the rain or other awkward situation, it looks like an ad that will genuinely make smokers think.


Ben said...

I agree although i saw the posters first and thought they were a bit lame. You know, another hard hitting but perhaps tenuous visual to get over the point. As soon as i saw the TV however it really did work for me. Its all about the addiction and how, quite frankly, pathetic it is and thus i am.
Another campaign aimed at young women it seems is for Nicorette/ Nicotinell/Nico-No or whatever, using the line "Lose the smoke, keep the fire" Personally this makes me cringe to the point of haemorrage but its not aimed at me so what do others think?

Rob said...

I think its a very very good demonstration of addiction, and thats the main reason it works for me.

I know the campaign you mean, and its awful. Its so tacky, its so poorly written and directed. Its like those anti smoking ads aimed at teenagers that try to be cool.

onewomanrunning said...

The nicorette advert is an advert for smoking not against. Look at how beautifully shot everything is - does the cigarette look out of place? No. Does the woman look out of place? No.

It's pure fag porn and it's doing what it's supposed to. Keeping alive the myth that smoking equals glamour, confidence and sex appeal.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, but I disagree.
The ads with the hook really are ugly, they are like all other anti-smoking ads that we see , they just keep saying the same thing over again, that as a smoker myself , I blank them out, as it tires me out .
The girl on the bike at least drawed my attention ( maybe cuz i'm a girl) it's dynamic and different showing smokers in a more positive light which at least I can relate to.
I don't know are there other people that think alike?