Friday, January 05, 2007

Broadband and Famous Rob

At last. At long long last. Our broadband is ordered for the new house, and (BT cock ups aside) should be in place within the next week! Regular posting how we've missed you.

Great news for me is that i've been invited to watch the Future Marketing Summit in London. So I will be posting plenty of pre-show/in-show/post-show info; which if it is half as good as the highlights I saw from last year, will be well well worth it.


Rob @ Cynic said...

Hey, when do you want me to get the peeps to write in their questions?

Rob said...

Im going to post about it a bit nearer the time, i'll let you know. Thanks!

Northern Planner said...

Welcome back. You owe us quite a few reviews. I would like one on the new Honda Robot commercials please - and how the outdoor works alongside.

Rob said...

Indeed I do. Thanks!

Honda review will arrive soon, once I can catch the darn ad from the very start... and what outdoor?

First however will be my ad-pit review of 2006, featuring the best and worst 3 campaigns of the year as well as other random stuff.