Thursday, July 09, 2009

Useless Organisations

Are all city councils as hopeless as Manchester City Council?

I have never found anywhere so soul destroyingly bad to deal with. And I've used BT.

Let's look at their issues shall we?:
  1. Not sending bills, so the first notice I have of a bill is the final reminder
  2. Not sending receipts for previous payments (as agreed with them)
  3. Not sending complaint letters as asked for
  4. Operating a hopeless phone system, where you wait 4 minutes of messages and pre records only to be told "We are busy try again later" and get cut off. I don't like holds but for fucks sake.
  5. Said call system only opens 8.45 - 5pm Mon-Fri, making it impossible to call on a busy day. On quieter days all you get is the above.
  6. Operating a payment system where because the amount you pay at one time is not EXACTLY what is on the bill it doesn't get credited to your account despite it being paid.
Totally useless hopeless waste of taxpayers money inefficient badly run piece of shit. If a business was like this (excluding former monopolies) they would go bust.

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Charles Frith said...

It's in the interests of the bureaucratic classes to be bureaucratic. Same the world over.