Thursday, July 09, 2009

Beat Don't Hula

I love the new Hula Hoops ad. So simple but shows off the product in an inoffensive and funny way.

The right side of silly, and not following the current trend of ads going on far far longer than they need to.

If this were from Fallon it would probably be 80 seconds... [/inflamatory sarcastic comment]

Link from If this is Christmas then a blog is a what??

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Charles Frith said...

Awesome. Great find.

BTW. To edit so that they fit nicely in the blog. Look at the embed code.

On two occasions the width will be described. You need to edit it to 400.

Then it fits right on blogger.

Although why Google havn't sorted out the Youtube to Blogger thing is beyond me. Probably cutbacks but they do own both.