Thursday, June 03, 2010

Things What I Have Learned on Holiday

1. The Bodrum peninsula of Turkey is lovely, really really lovely
2. But has biiiig hornets
3. Turkish people are friendly and helpful, and mostly speak very good English
4. Some English tourists are very ignorant
5. Wearing Factor 50 suncream provides roughly the same protection as wearing a leather jacket
6. Turkish people love their dogs and cats
7. The weather in May is perfect. Warm but not stiflingly so, and very little humidity most days
8. The Eurovision Song Contest is still fun with Polish commentary
9. The Polish commentator appears to have modelled his voice on Terry Wogan
10. Turkish food is awesome. Not just kebabs, but lots of lamb and aubergines :)

1 comment:

andreea said...

I'm a fan of the böreği and gozleme they do. They're amazing with any filling :D