Monday, June 07, 2010

Why the iPad Might Just Work

My view on the iPad so far is about the same as my view on 50" LED 3D HDTV's, a lovely idea but not something that hits the sweet spot on my Need vs Cost internal diagram (I am a planner).
The new TV ad though is smart, and shows intelligent thinking from the agency and Apple. The iPad is the kind of device that will find it's own position in our needs. Rather like no one knew they wanted motion sensing remote controls until they played Wii Sports; Apple are telling us it does everything but deliberately stating it is up to us to determine what makes it special.

They could have sold it as the ultimate web browser, the new kindle, the ultimate travelling video player, handheld gaming heaven, etc etc. But with their core userbase of (let's face it) die hard obsessives that would buy a paper cup if Steve Jobs had sipped from it; they knew they could afford to give it some time to settle and find it's own niche before they start trying to guide people one way or another.

This thinking didn't work for PS3, which got lost in the void between games machine and video machine and browser and so on. Somehow though it seems perfect for this device that people want without knowing why, ellicting a kind of "We will make it work because it's so pretty we have to" response from developers and (so far) customers.

Instead of hiding from it, Apple are revelling in the fact that iPad is so new you don't know what to do with it yet... but you already know how to use it when that day comes.