Friday, October 22, 2010

E4 Says What We Are All Thinking...

Flashmobs are officially done it seems. In one swoop E4 just ripped the living daylights out of the kind of overly rehearsed model filled pose-a-thon flash mob that no one really likes anymore.

This video is just brilliant. The cheesy track from Black Eyed Peas, the pouting posing models doing dance moves that only a professional dancer would ever do. The second piece of music is spot on. The craziness that ensues feels spontanious and is funny. The balloon pop is the funniest thing I've watched all year.

Best of all, from a strategy point of view it feels perfectly like E4. Slightly edgy, slightly cooler than the mass market, but not likely to offend anyone in its reach.


Jam said...

real classy, E4. Nice narrative, and I like that they haven't felt the need to 'say' anything. It's just saying, "we think the same as you do," and leaving it at that.

Pablo Edwards said...

Ha I agree the balloon pop was epic. Also the stolen mobile cart with granny chasing.