Thursday, January 05, 2012


When I think about the concept of this new ad by Thompson, it feels a little like an attempt to "Make me a John Lewis ad"; however in this case I think it's a good job they did.

Sure it has a descriptive voiceover and is far less subtle, but it works with the idea and manages to actually get across the joy and togetherness of a good holiday in a way that feel fresh and full of character that the sector usually lacks.

Then there is that soundtrack. Where is my mind by the Pixies is one of those songs that can absolutely transform something good into something amazing. See the end of Fight Club where it manages to help sum up a crazy scene in one the craziest films ever made. But a cover? Well yes. The delicate piano manages to take the heart and soul of the melody, and make the melancholy sound delicate and moving. Against a market full of travel cliche's and standard tourism shots this stands out a mile. The whole point of most holidays is calm, relaxation and getting away from the clutter and bustle of everyday life; this ad gets that across in a way that feels like it actually means something. A brand making travel feel meaningful and important in a market full of price competition.

So is this as good as John Lewis? No. But it's the only ad by a travel agent I can ever remember seeing and immediately thinking 'Where would I go..?', and that after all is the whole point.


toto said...

Hi, Rob,

I like your comments on this ad.
one question: is this ad which lasts one and a half minutes showed on a TV ?

Rob Mortimer said...

Hi Toto,

I have only seen the 30 second and medium (40-60, not sure which) cut on TV.

However it may have aired in full format.