Monday, January 30, 2012

Time for some big ups...


My brother was part of the team that created this excellent campaign for Virgin Media. Having seen the Speedy Gonzales work and now this, I'm not sure why they moved the account away at all.

They have taken a category full of price ads, annoying comparisons and customer confusion and just said "FAST". You can't fail to take speed away from this ad. That it does this whilst being funny and likeable is a great combination. When you think of the brand you think of fast, and Speedy and Usain who are fast.


This is war...

Mr Dobbie (aka Dobbothy, aka Dobbie the House Elf), one of our former creatives was part of the team that made this nifty competition campaign for Kit Kat. The TV ad sets the scene, but the online videos are where it comes to life.

Web episode number one introduces the characters and the premise with a silly but very funny use of the mad boss idea. These ideas tend to live or die by the writing and the acting, so far so very good; with some quotably funny lines, it's a great way to start. Props! (As they say...)

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