Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I get a roundup...

So the Superbowl brought with it a ton of ads purpose built to grab attention during the mother of all attention grabbing events. All the while the UK carried on as if nothing was happening...

What about the ads?

Well if you only watch one Superbowl ad this year, watch the Chrysler Halftime in America ad from W+K. It's powerful but paced, it continues last year's ad in making Detroit and Chrysler feel truly American and brave and bold like no other car company. An ad full of pathos and meaning in a show of spectacle and hype. Truly brilliant.

Imported from Detroit is still one of the best endlines of the 21st Century too.

Volkswagon continued their Star Wars themed Superbowl ads, but not in the way most people expected. The main ad is nice, if not as good as last year. The additional bit however feels a little forced. As if they were so focused on wedging in Star Wars they sort of forgot to make it work well. By no means a bad ad, but a bit disappointing after last year.

Now if you want to see an example of how you can throw money at celebrities, write a reaonsbly funny idea and still end up with something that drags a bit. Watch this Pepsi ad. Saved by Elton John mugging and Flavor Flav being himself.

Back in the UK the Meerkat rolls on... another ad that keeps this campaign moving in a way that feels interesting and warm. Sure everyone knows the idea inside out, but they are bringing life to the characters and that makes it still work for me.
Sergei continues to be the lovable part of this campaign, maybe even the real star.

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