Thursday, February 02, 2012

New Model No.15

A number of ad bloggers have talked for a long time about whether there needs to be a new type of agency, and if so what that might be... I've often thought about this, and how you could take advertising forward in some way.

Whilst at my local Waitrose I remembered the story that everyone who works there or at their parent company John Lewis is technically a partial owner of the company, and how that helps inspire great work from people.

I wonder if that model would work for ad agencies...

Every member of staff has a small stake in the agency, this reaps better rewards when things are going well.

In theory you give every team member more motivation to try hard and come up with great ideas. Everyone cares about both the creativity and the effectiveness. People no longer see it as just a place of work, you start to create a feeling of belonging and togetherness that very few agencies have.

It might even help with clients, knowing that every person working on your campaign has a share of the agency means they are likely to try harder and do better work. Or at least that would be a likely perception.

It would be a good way to get neutralise the small minority that works mainly in their own self interest, or those who force their ideas through above anything else.

I wonder...

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