Monday, April 30, 2012

Derby Day Politics

Why do I want United to win the derby tonight? Well it's partly because they are my local club now, partly because I admire their style of play, and partly for an unusual third reason... victory for City will be a victory for David Cameron and the principles of the Tory government.**

City is a team built on foreign money, using the Real Madrid Galacticos principle of buy the most expensive players you can find. Money over team spirit, over hard work and over passion. (I'm not saying the fans don't have passion of course)

You see, even Margaret Thatcher and all her miner hating, poor bashing, divisive horror was at least built on a principle of hard work. If you work hard you deserve to be rewarded. Cameron however lacks even that simple piece of morality, his work is based on 'the wealthy are deserving, the poor are not', which can also be taken as 'The South is deserving, the North is not'.

A City win backs that vacuum of principles, that money is good, that you can buy victory with inherited wealth, as opposed to the long term effort and hard work that personifies Manchester United, and used to be there at City too. The same moral black hole that stop lots of people from cheering for Chelsea, even as the only British team in Europe. It's why I will always want Barcalona to beat Real Madrid, even when Mourinho is their manager.

I don't begrudge the long suffering City supporters their day in the sun, I'd just prefer that day to come about through teamwork and determination, not through a transfer schedule that makes 15th Century land owners look considerate.

So just like Ed Milliband, United may not be perfect, but as long as it means stopping Cameron he can be 100% assured of my vote. Come on you reds.

(**Note - Please don't take this too seriously!)

Also - At work we have created a tweet derby day battle! Join in by using the hashtags #derbyred and #derbyblue - The live scoreboard is up on the CBJWT website here

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