Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Small Step for Men

Our screens (both big, small and mobile) are all too full right now with 'lads'. Now in small doses there is nothing wrong with lads, but the question has to be where are the real men? The kind we are supposed to aspire to be, the kind that other people truly appreciate.

Old Spice noticed it, it isn't just about looking (and smelling) your best, it's about much more than that. An attitude, a bravery and a boldness.

I heard on the news today that usage of illegal and dangerous steroids has doubled in a year. In ONE year. It seems some guys are starting to have the same kind of body image issues that are traditionally seen as a problem affecting women. This is a shame, because just like the vast majority don't really want a stick thin, top heavy, neon orange trout pouter woman; most don't want a steroid enhanced, shrunken testicled, roid rage filled man either.

Something needs to be done. One of the best sources for inspiration on being the right kind of male comes from the blog What Men Do. Written by three guys (or should I say men), including one of my former colleagues, it provides stories, inspiration and advice for our troubled gender.

They now have a limited run book out too, I highly recommend it. My copy has been ordered...!


Anonymous said...

Interesting heterosexual perspective, and great use of gender stereotyping too.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

That's more down to phrasing than intent. Have adjusted a touch.

George "AdScam" Parker said...

I used to work on Old Spice at Dorlands, back in the late seventies... Before you were born. It was called the "3B" account... Boats - Birds - Boobs. Nothing has really changed. Every toiletries account is based on the same premise... "Splash this on... Get laid!" Must be a doddle for a planner.
Cheers/George "AdScam" Parker

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Howdy George, I suppose the interesting thing about the recent Old Spice stuff is that though the principle is the same, they aimed it at the women (and therefore more covertly at the men).

It downplays the splash = sex message compared to most of the similar brands.