Monday, July 23, 2012

Every Little Change Helps

The big story at the end of last week was the news that W+K have won the gigantic Tesco account. While part of me was little saddened that we hadn't seen such a prestigious account come to our network or a Manchester agency; in my experience I can't think of anything W+K have won, and then not proved they deserved it.

The big question though, asked by our head of planning, is whether it will change the agency. Will this account change W+K, or will it change Tesco? It's such a huge account that I can't possibly see it not having an effect somewhere along the line.

This is a different kind of account to the ones they usually work on, likely accompanied by different demands on account handlers and creatives, with much more day to day production and turnover of work. So you would expect that either their processes will have to adapt, or Tesco are moving towards a different model of campaign.

If it's W+K that changes, I hope it doesn't mean a lessening of their creative or strategic thinking, but that it puts that effort onto a bigger, wider scale. If it's Tesco that is changing, I look forward to the result. McCann's work for Aldi has already shown that Supermarkets can do things differently to the expected norm.

I also really want to know where MC Hammer came into it...

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