Saturday, March 05, 2005

Adidas Intelligent Shoe - TV

This ad features a guy who gets out of bed and runs!

The movement of this ad is amazing, the ground appears from under his feet; he turns and flips round in really well made manouvers...maneourve...maneuo...movements. He sort of defys gravity to turn around, or flip from one direction to another; an extremely good ad I think.

Its colourful, intriguing and very creative; just the sort of ad I love to see.


name popular russian said...
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Elemental Communications said...

Hi GuessWhatNow,

My name is Rachel, from Elemental Communications We are currently working on behalf of adidas for the online PR for the new updated adidas_1 shoe.

I read your blog about the adidas Intelligent Shoe ad, and thought you would be interested to hear that the World's First Intelligent Shoe has just got smarter.

If you would like to see what the new and smarter shoe can do (this clip is also pretty cool), you can view the clip at

For more info on the shoe visit
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Kind Regards,

Rachel Hawkes
Account Director
Elemental Communications