Monday, March 14, 2005

Pot Noodle - Horn (tv)

Ad in brief: Guy comes into club with huge horn in trousers... friends at table ask if he has the "pot noodle horn". He exclaims yes! blows the horn then goes out causing havoc and returns having eaten the pot and apologises.

Ive loved the way pot noodle ads make a huge fuss over them being 'immoral' or 'dirty', making a big deal over how you almost shouldnt like them.

The sad thing is that this advert just isnt up to the quality of the others, although thats not to say it doesnt work; it just isnt as good as the 'slag of all snacks' ads.

The ad still has the pot noodle dirty theme, it still has the blatant references to pot noodle and sex... but it just feels like they are trying to hard with this one.

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