Tuesday, March 01, 2005

State of TV ads.

How come the majority of good adverts on tv at the moment are all for Cars?!

Honda - Grr + Circles/Shapes (all of the "power of dreams" ads really!)
Toyota - Yaris, Celica and the other one with the larger car
Renault - "Dog" series
Smart - Kalidascope
Citroen - Transformer
VW - Singin in the rain - (and pretty much anything of the last 10 years!)
Even Daihatsu and Kia have interesting adverts!!

Is there something about car ads that brings out the best in creatives? Or are they just happier to go with good ideas?


Nick said...

Perhaps Volkwagen's adverts managed to convince the motor companies that adverts don't all have to be shots of the car being driven through a burning field or through a street full of leaves. There are still plenty of duds though - just look at Mitsubishi's football/car advert.

Rob Mortimer said...

Well, DDB (Doyle Dane Bernbach) have tended to make consistently good ads for VW over like 40 years!

I hope thats the case, as with everything creative; if creativity suceeds we get more creativity.

And yes, the Mitsubishi advert is terrible!