Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Worm has Turd

I know I know, I spent time talking with people about how good brand characters can be effective. I'm sure I secretly miss a good jingle.

But dear advertising lord (I think technically that's Sir Martin Sorrell) please make this go away.
It's the first ad by Manchester based driven, and reminds me of everything that regional agencies shouldn't be doing. It's tacky, the character is dull, the writing is suspect and the ad as a whole is borderline unwatchable.


Anonymous said...

That's fighting talk.
I'm not one to slag off specialists, but this ad scored high in the drum's creative review- by a PR 'expert'.
Enough said.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me?? ;)

The weed ad from you guys/gals is better I might add.

Brains said...

Very sad that some creative partnership can create an ad where a strap-line makes no relevance to the story beneath the creative execution!

I'm very unhappy tonight Mr Arm-pit!


Robert said...

I like this new you - you've found your inner cynic but for the right reasons - Andy will be proud.

Anonymous said...

cant beat a singing worm!