Monday, May 26, 2008

So Close...

The new ad for the Ford Kuga is here, and like the last Ford ad, it shows potential without ever fully realizing it.


The music is great, it really conveys the ad idea.
The execution idea is good, a world that is blank has a lot of possibility.


The idea of starting from a blank canvas is good, except it doesn't really match this car. The Kuga looks (I've seen it close up at a display stand) pretty much like every other pseudo-MPV/4x4 crossover out there. I cannot convincingly believe that this car started with anything like a blank canvas.
The actual execution is in no way the best that could have been made of this idea. It feels too heavy handed, the expressions too forced. Instead of feeling like natural surprise it just feels a bit like a "thirt quench" shot on a Coke ad. Which is a shame.

Overall it tries too hard to be a bold and unique ad, but if it had just been treated with a bit more of a light touch and freedom it would probably work a lot better. Still, on the upside. Ford ads are still moving in the right direction.


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