Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Sky's the Limit

As usual when I find an exciting thing to post about, Scamp manages to post about it before me..! (*mumblegrumble*)

This ad however is just genius.

Honda will show a live three minute ad featuring skydivers. The line is 'Difficult is worth doing.', and in this case, it bloody well is. It's in plenty of papers this morning.

Another example of how W+K are masters at creating impact with small media spend.


Robert said...

You're right Rob, this is another example of how WK create impact with a small budget except I think it's more about media impact for WK than Honda.

Hang on - let me explain what I mean ...

The marketing and communication industry is so obsessed with 'future' that they often end up doing things for their own ego than for the commercial value of the client they are working for.

I can just about see how this ad [and that's all it is] works for the Honda 'Dreams' positioning - but I'd love to know what the specific client brief was, because this feels more a 'brand' execution than for a specific product.

I'm all for pushing boundaries, but too many in the industry seem to do it for the sake of doing it - and while it does often generate tons of free media, that doesn't equate to commercial or corporate success.

Saying that, apprentely this idea came from Channel 4 rather than WK and there was a "here's one we made earlier" incase the weather was bad ... so maybe I'm being especially harsh, especially as I like it more than the bloody Fallon Cadburys spots.

Told you I was jetlagged and grumpy :)

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Actually its almost been hype for the full ad, which promotes the Accord.

Is it pushing W+K? (Yes of course, but solely?) After all, they have now established groundbreaking advertising as a Honda trait as well.

Robert said...

I am not underestimating the importance of ensuring 'work' works for the agency as well as the client - and without doubt WK have improved the brand image of the Honda brand - but I still believe Honda made the biggest change when they changed the Civic from a car grandparents liked to one that was pragmatic for a younger audience.

Interms of how this sells Accords - I don't get it but as a client told me today, "I'm Mr Unpleasant at the moment"

And no, I am not joking, ha!

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

The stylish Civic was a BIG change. But it wouldnt have worked without what W+K did. Their ads reduced the age of people considering Honda cars; without which the new car would have struggled.

This ad doesn't sell the Accord, but it makes you remember the link when you see the ad that does.

I'm wondering if you've been spending too much time with Andy!!

Robert said...

No - I think you've been spending too much time with advertising people ;)