Monday, February 16, 2009

Does this crap actually work?

Be Phenomenal with Gillette Fusion Power
Why would you spend so much money on three top of their profession sports stars and constantly use them in tedious pieces of nonsense?

It's such a huge waste of money. Surely any decent agency (given the freedom) could create something infinitely better with half that cost. In the financial situation we find ourselves in, surely its our job to say "Well, if you got rid of the pointless triple celebrity endorsements and produced something less blunt (hehe) and in your face we could halve your budget and still beat sales targets."

I find it hard to believe that any agency would recommend this route. It feels like a client that said "We have these celebs, now do something with them... and make it SELL."

Sigh... come on Gillette


gemma said...

Way back when, I actually HAD a client who briefed us 'I've got this sporting celebrity - can you do something with him?'
Unfortunately, the client in question was a booze brand which made life a tad complicated...

niko said...

Mr M,

this is exactly the point I was trying to articulate over at NP blog about the questions and the story thing.

I bet the planner can post rationalize the story with great eas, but why the fuck did nobody say what u wrote?

there must be a million ways to make mone for G without this advertising..

storis are important, but creative business ideas are even more important.

sorry for the transblogging