Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BT Screwing us Over?

So. BT want to charge me £125 to reconnect our phone line after it was switched to another provider and then disconnected.

Except it wasn't.

The previous owner was with BT.

I told BT, and they said: Openworld decided to disconnect the line, and BT have to pay them to get an engineer to reconnect it.
Ok. Except Openworld is part of BT. They have disconnected a BT line from a rented flat, to which I have to pay to reconnect it..


It's not like the numbers are needed for someone else. Like there is a shortage of lines for people. They have paid an engineer to take out a line for no actual benefit.

Can anyone please give me one decent reason why BT should disconnect that line apart from screwing money out of me.


James Jacob said...

You've got me there I'm afraid. BT basically have us over a barrel, all broadband providers have to pay line fees to BT as well.

Apart from Virgin's fibre optic service I suppose?

Rob Mortimer said...

Sadly I can't get cable.
Frankly if I had the money I would pay the thousands of pounds needed to extend the cable to my house just so I didn't have to pay this rip off charge to BT on principle.

Charles Frith said...

I don't use landlines at home for some years now and find that just a net connection is nowhere near that expensive. Your circumstances may be different though. Do you NEED a land line?

Rob Mortimer said...

Thanks Charles, we need the line to get broadband, even if we didn't get a phone line (which i'm not sure is even an option)