Monday, October 05, 2009


Edit: Just seen the US version which has a couple of extra scenes that improve it a fair bit. Still don't like the faux-lib air of it though (is beating men really the height of female freedom?); it just doesn't feel as genuine as the classic DC ads.

Haven't women had enough of being treated like one dimensional zombies, cosmopolitaning (it's a word dammit...) their way through Sex and the City boxsets of life?

The new ad from Diet Coke just feels badly forced, which is surprising given the idea of playfulness at its core. The Hello You line has a lot of possibility in character and observant reality, but just isn't being used in the right way yet.

Sure it's better than the Duffy ad, but that's not saying much.

A brand and an agency that have done and can do so much better. Please do.


Angus said...

That certainly is appalling.

Charles Edward Frith said...

Agreed. Women are portrayed one dimensionally in comms. This is pants. How are you. I'm in Kowloon :)

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Thanks guys.

I hate how even 'liberating' ads are one dimensional and essentially just inverted stereotypes.

Damn you Charles, can't wait to visit there again. Have you been to the NT yet?

Charles Edward Frith said...

Not yet but I'm told there's some great Mountain Biking so I intend to. Lamma is the dogs bollocks for weird reasons I will write about one day and I also one to check out the other island too.

Basically Hong Kong rocks. I used to work here way back but I was so busy flying to Shanghai and back that I didn't have time to appreciate it all. I am now :)