Friday, October 16, 2009


Am I alone in adland at liking both the new McDonalds ads.

They have shifted themselves slightly upmarket in their image gradually over a long period of time; and the result of this is two very different but equally pleasing ads.

The first is the breakfast ad, with people groggily starting the day. This is amusing, and whilst not too far removed from previous McD ads it has a new positivity and lacks the artificial glare of their older stuff.

The second is the frankly brilliant poem ad talking about the various types that come into the restaurant during the day. A little cheesy maybe, but it is done so well, with a visible love and attention that makes it probably the best thing they have done in a very very long time. Instilling variety and personality back into a brand that has been sterile and one dimensional (at least in image) for so long.


Charles Frith said...

Interesting. I've not seen them but the customers is the direction I've wanted to talk about as part of my planning on the brand that I don't even get paid for. Got some more stuff bubbling away too.

Victoria Fannon said...

I completely agree. I was captivated by the poetic quality of the second. Really proves the talent and ability of some of the creative writers working within advertising. Excellent.